Testimonial: Rehabilitation Skin Cream

A Terrible Disease

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is a common type of skin cancer that primarily affects the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin. This cancer typically develops in areas of the body frequently exposed to the sun, such as the face, ears, and neck. After surgery to remove BCC, it is crucial to apply a high-quality skin cream to alleviate any irritation, redness, or discomfort. Proper aftercare is essential for facilitating the healing process and achieving the best possible cosmetic outcome. A specially formulated skin cream can reduce the risk of scarring and further complications by soothing the affected area, reducing inflammation, and providing much-needed hydration to the skin. 

The Struggle with Recovery

Doron Bukshtein, a senior tour guide in Israel, recently offered us a testimonial on our Rehabilitation Skin Cream. When he first visited our visitor center with a group of American tourists, one of our representatives noticed the tell-tale signs of BCC removal scars on his skin. Concerned, the representative gave Doron the Rehabilitation cream and instructed him to apply it several times daily. 

When he returned to the visitor center within three weeks with a completely revitalized complexion, Doron enthusiastically attributed the significant improvement in his skin to the Rehabilitation Cream, stating, “I have been using the Rehabilitation cream consistently, and my skin is like new!” After hearing Doron’s testimonial, we shared the information with our chief scientist, Professor Avi Shruder, who analyzed the data and confirmed the validity of Doron’s experience. At Olea Essence, we cherish the genuine experiences of our customers, enabling them to express the advantages of our products in their own words.

On the left is his condition before using our Rehabilitation Skin Cream, and on the right is his face after three weeks of consistent use. The healing results are amazing!

All-Natural Innvoation

We designed our Rehabilitation Skin Cream for soothing itchiness, minor burns, bug bites, rashes, and other minor damage. It restores dry and damaged skin, provides relief for sensitive skin, aids in healing minor wounds, strengthens the natural skin barrier, and encourages healing while calming and soothing the skin. 

We have even heard from users that they saw amazing results in treating conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and seborrhea. Infused with potent ingredients such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, Glycerin, Honey, and Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil, this antioxidant-rich formula supports the regenerative capacity of skin cells.

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What is Regenerative Farming?

Olea Essence focuses on R&D and know-how involved in and around the olive anti-oxidants, in the olive oil and ten times more in the olive leaves followed by developing the practices of extracting and skin implementation of the olive’s anti-Oxidants.

We know its contribution to our well-being.

However, the road to high-quality olive-based products starts with the farming culture we adopted 25 years ago and developed since then.

We farm “regeneratively” more than 10,000 olive trees, in the basin of the Sea of Galilee. Our farm’s environment looks so beautiful lively and natural. The microbial life underground is safe with us. As it should be everywhere.

Upon harvest, we pick the olives and rush them to the press. We do not service other growers. We try to refrain from introducing to our machines pesticides widely used by other olive growers.

“Regenerative” farming is just popping up in the world. Ashton Kutcher is now building a regenerative farm in California. The word is spreading thus we see more newcomers to this farming culture.

So, what is it?

It is taking CO2 extremely seriously. CO2 is a major component in greenhouse gases and climate change.

Giving the plants CO2 and getting in return O2 which is oxygen Is called photosynthesis. The plant, any plant, sends the CO2 through its stem down to the roots and releases it to the micro-organisms dwelling attached to the roots. These microorganisms are our heroes. They take the CO2 and bury it for us.

Most farmers worldwide engage huge equipment and plow the soil in order to “aerate” it in preparation for seeding. With this, the buried CO2 is released into the atmosphere. Farmers spend hundreds of Billions of Dollars in herbicides, killing the weeds and with it the underground microbial environment. Thus, not only releasing CO2 into the atmosphere but also causing desertification of the soils.

“Regenerative” farming means no plowing, no herbicides, perma-farming, never pulling weeds but rather mowing them.

We at Olea Essence are practicing “regenerative” farming for 25 years.

We never knew that this is what we are doing. From the minute we, the Talmon family made the change in our lives, gave up the Tel Aviv city life and moved to the region of the Sea of Galilee, we fell captive to the DNA of the region. 6000 years of traditional olive growing, used medicinally by the local inhabitants, body and skin, made us decide to farm olives “regeneratively”.

We never spray, nothing. Neither herbicides nor pesticides nor fungicides. We encourage weeds growth. We perma-farm by seeding oat between the olive trees which serves as a source of nitrogen for the olives, we never fertilize chemically.

Then comes harvest, (right now) and we bring to our in-house press beautiful clean olives harvested efficiently, and transported fast, resulting in state-of-the-art raw and unfiltered olive oil, as it should be, and high-quality skin products based on that olive oil and its antioxidants.

Art & Science

We have different skin types in our same self and different skin types between people.

The skin’s “looks“, its “touch” its internal natural humidity, its “internal communication system with the brain and the nerves“, its “structure” is reflected in its “ability to protect the dermis and the epidermis and exchange ingredients and information with the whole under-skin environment”, Is now defined at Olea Essence as the skin’s “Terroir“.

Making our skincare and wellness products is no longer just an art. It is now art&Science.  In Olea Essence we believe that there is direct communication between the skin and the brain. Applying cosmetics to the skin is creating different kinds of skin experiences which will be followed by brain response via nerves, enzymes, and more.

The science behind our research is focused on understanding these issues, studying them, and developing formulations. Our art is to make the product.

Why do we need to apply anything to the skin? To slow its aging signs, to keep it healthy and look healthy, less wrinkled, less cracked, healed from sun damage and environmental damages, and keep them moist controlled following the changes in our bodies mainly drying out along the years.

We protect in real daytime and heal at night.

All our creams are made of olive matter, olive oil or leaf extract, or olive extracted water or olive fruit, which will be absorbed within a few minutes thus allowing the skin to breathe at night, all night, or throughout the day. This is extremely important. This is anti-aging vs. aging.

Based on our research which considers analyzing a lot of user experience data and in accordance with our sustainable regenerative philosophy and way of life, in short, our “culture” with the utmost respect to 6000 years of traditional olive consumption practices and aggressive creative innovation approach, I.E innovation, innovation, innovation, we developed olive-based, fully natural skin creams which work beautifully according to many users. As we add Science to our art, we added special real silk to the formulation and found out that the silk&olive combination created a more efficient anti-wrinkle effect, reducing it, making it less visible.

Some of our users are crazy about our Olive&silk products, others, do not fancy the silk mainly due to fear of allergies.

The encouraging fact is that both love our anti-aging creams with or without the silk.  

So, we left the line with two-day moisturizing premium products, with and without silk, and two nourishing night creams with and without silk.

Every user develops an understanding of what fits their own skin best and goes for it. We usually experience happy and content users.

Olea Essence’s Philosophy

Olea Essence is dedicated to a culture of living alongside nature. We believe everything has its natural place and that we must not incorporate harmful man-made productions such as synthetic chemicals in any of our all-natural products, without caring about the extra profit that comes with using them.

Olea Essence DOES NOT pollute the environment and has developed devices that make use of the entire olive, without any remnants. Our labs developed different olive-based ingredients which are used in many different Olea Essence products, especially in hair products but also in face products and body wash. We call these products essentials for everyday use. Their undeniable quality is widely acclaimed.

In Israel, we’re in the Jewish month of Shvat, which is the month of planting. Walter Lowdermilk had an important effect on shaping the entire system of planting in the US and Israel. 

Lowdermilk’s Connection to Israel: 

Walter Lowdermilk fell in love with the holy land years before Israel declared independence. He saw how Zionism cared for environmental ecology and managed the return of the Jewish people to their land with consideration towards their environment. 

In the 1930s, when Lowdermilk was high up in the American Forestry Association, President Rosevelt instructed him to leave and find a solution for the American ecological crisis called “The Dust Bowl,” where severe dust storms destroyed 200 million acres of agricultural fields that had to be abandoned. 

Walter Lowdermilk, with the help of other researchers, founded the US Soil Conservation Service and taught Americans how to plant trees, and that it was essential for maintaining American soil. 

He later taught Israelis the same. 

Lowdermilk came up with The National Water Carrier in Israel, where water would be pumped from north of the Sea of Galilee to a high point in the Galilee area, and from there the water flowed to all points of the country through gravity and without the need of using energy. This made Israeli agriculture, and eventually the state of Israel, bloom. 

Lowdermilk taught at the prestigious Israeli University “The Technion” for four years, and founded the

agricultural engineering department that was later named after him. 

Lowdermilk’s Own Commandment: 

When Lowdermilk was in Jerusalem he wrote his own famous “11th commandment,” an ecological and environmental commandment that was broadcasted on Jerusalem’s radio: 

“Thou shalt inherit the holy earth as a faithful steward, conserving its resources and productivity from generation to generation. Thou shalt safeguard thy fields from soil erosion, thy living waters from drying up, thy forests from desolation, and protect thy hills from overgrazing by the herds, that thy descendants may have, abundance forever. If any shall fail in this stewardship of the land, thy fruitful fields shall become sterile, stony ground and wasting gullies; and thy descendants shall decrease and live in poverty or perish from off the face of the earth.”Olea Essence is inspired by Lowdermilk to care about the environment and to make sure that our products won’t be harmful to the world we live in. Lowdermilk had a huge part in creating Olea Essence’s success incorporating tradition in the field and innovation in the lab, and creating beautiful skin.

Olive leaves – Strong medicinal powers

Olive leaves – their medicinal powers

For many years we are exploring the virtues of the olive be it the oil or the leaf extracts, both are used significantly in our products. We patented some of our technology.

Worldwide academic R&D of the Olive leaves extracts shows significant advantages for treating blood pressure, diabetes, viral and bacterial diseases, slowing down some kinds of cancer, osteoporosis, Liver protection, sugar balance, and fighting inflammation.

One of the reasons for this is it is loaded with strong antioxidants like Oleuropein which is present in the olive leaves ten times more than in the olive oil, serving as a free radical scavenger, assisting in preventing oxidation of the cholesterol and damaging cell DNA. 

New stunning findings from the olive orchards

As we are in the final R&D stages of a new and unique natural sunscreen line with first-time olive polyphenols in it, our researchers found a very interesting finding. The olive leaf is responding to higher sun temperatures by narrowing its size down!

We shared these findings with olive plants nurseries, agronomists, and academic researchers. All of us are overwhelmed by this finding.

We are now in a process of trying to locate academic work done in this regard.  Some think it might be due to higher stem growth energy arriving from the sun thus the need for photosynthesis is reducing I.E less CO2 is absorbed by the tree due to lower functional need. So, less CO2 will be stored by the tree through its root system under the ground and less oxygen will be made available to us. This is not good. 

We hope to be able to add info in this regard sometime in 2022.

In the near future, we will bring to you our internal hesitations and debates regarding our new sunscreen line still in the making. We think it will interest you as we will reveal some “too important to be ignored” info regarding the use of sun protection products.

Expect more scientific info in future newsletters

DR. Gary Greenstein’s letter

Dr. Gary Greenstein, MD,  raised in Massachusetts,  attended college outside of Boston.

After medical school, trained in an Obstetrics and Gynecology residency (women’s medicine) in Brooklyn, NY.

Practiced medicine New York and New Jersey, and became board certified as an ObGyn in the USA in 2000.

Moved to Israel in 2007 and became specialty certified there in 2008.

Currently lives and practices medicine in Israel.

Here are Dr. Greenstein’s conclusions based on hands-on experience. We did approach Dr. Greenstein after noticing many women arriving with Dr Greenstein’s suggestion for a few of our products. We asked Dr. Greenstein to help us in collecting clinic data for our products — which he agreed to do.

He wrote the following, voluntarily.  We did not direct him in any way. Dr Greenstein has no commercial engagement with Olea Essence what so ever:

“I was first exposed to OleaEssence olive oil products in the early 2000s while traveling around the Golan Heights in Israel.

As a physician I have always believed in keeping with evidence based Medicine as best possible, and I try only to utilize medicines that have proven value.

I also try to be certain that in every case, in or out of pregnancy, benefits of any treatment clearly outweigh any significant risks.

This brings me to my exposure to OleaEssence, all natural olive oil based products, and their powerful activity in relation to many other substances, including many medications. 

I have personally and professionally experienced the benefits to these products, and one in particular, the Skin Rehabilitation ointment.

I began using these products personally, and I noticed that dry skin, cuts , scratches, and even infected wounds seemed to respond to this ointment and provide more rapid healing than even many antibiotic ointments could. 

I have a son with eczema that is associated with asthma, and this Skin Rehabilitation ointment has been truly fantastic for him.  We see results must faster, and the results are more complete and longer lasting than the steroids that he previously needed.

At first I believed that I was imagining the responses , but they were repetitive and reproducible — the exact recipe needed for setting up medical research.

I tried to understand how this could be so effective.

Then I recalled that some of my most difficult postsurgical wounds, in my Gynecology surgical patients, who were obese or with diabetes or cancer.  They would ultimately respond to use of 100% pure honey placed directly in the wound.

I witnessed that when the wounds would become infected and broken down, and patients were not responding to antibiotics, the wound that had been open and poorly healing for weeks, would completely close in under a week once applying honey deep into the wound.

After researching the OleaEssence products more, I discovered that in the Rehabilitation Skin ointment, there is beeswax and honey, along with their propriety olive oil blends.

This is when I decided to begin peripherally suggesting to my patients, that they might wish to try this product, when other conventional medicines were failing.

For example, Lichen Sclerosis is a difficult, stubborn, uncomfortable and frustrating disease that affects women in and around their external genitalia. 

The symptoms of this disease include excessively dry, itchy, pale, excoriated, burning skin, that frequently recurs.  The standard treatment is steroid cream that often effects an improvement,  but then the disease recurs and worsens again, sometimes after the steroid treatment is used for too long.

One, and now several, of my patients in her 70s who was fed up with her recurrences and subsequent infections of vulva and vagina, due to local microbial changes as a result of  this condition decided to try applying this OleaEssence product. 

I was more than amazed at the ease and comfort of application of this olive oil ointment, the rapid response to this “therapy”, the lack of side effects, and the most shocking part was the glaring lack of recurrence of her disease…

This has also been true for postmenopausal dryness symptoms, causing burning and discomfort with sexual relations.

And one other personal story — last year my wife suffered a terrible kitchen burn from spilled boiling water.  Her skin had blisters, a sign of second degree burns.  After initial cleaning and ice compress, I applied the Skin Rehabilitation ointment 3 times daily, and in ONLY 4 DAYS, it looked as if she had the remnants of a minor sun burn, which eventually healed completely with no remaining skin discoloration.  For me this was a miraculous recovery, because I have seen many burns treated as a doctor, and never this degree healing so quickly and completely.

And though this is by no means a significant medical research study, and not evidence based medicine,  it has been clear and impressive in its response, and has since been reproduced in many of my other patients with the similar and various conditions. 

Though this , like any other therapy, is no cure all, but I am very comfortable using this product, and at the very least, as an adjunct to other therapies. 

I look forward to seeing future double blind randomized studies to “prove” its effectiveness.

Harvest season

Now that it is October, harvest season is upon us. The beautiful olives of Israel are beginning to transform from a light green to a purple until they are finally black (meaning they’re ripe). Once around 75% of the olives are black, the harvesting begins. This season is one of our favorites because we are able to finally see the fruits of our labor, which will all be used to create the organic and sustainable skin care products of Olea Essence. One of the most essential ingredients from this season is the oil extracted from the olives. Alongside producing the extra virgin olive oil, we also collect suitable olive leaves and extract them for their essentials and use it for our cosmetics.

Our Different mixtures 

Tabha oil is created after pitting the olives. This is considered one of the highest quality and purest of oils, the only one suitable for the Jewish temple in Jerusalem and for the Menorah in Hanukkah. Harvesting olives before they ripen allows us to produce the Beit Saida oil. This is considered more aggressive in taste, with a twist of bitterness, the way some Israelis prefer. Lastly, the Kursi oil is made from ripe olives, this oil is popular worldwide among chefs. It has a presence, but it does not take over the food. Our olive oil and olive extracts are the basis of our skincare technology.