Olive leaves - Strong medicinal powers

Olive leaves - Strong medicinal powers

Olive leaves – their medicinal powers

For many years we are exploring the virtues of the olive be it the oil or the leaf extracts, both are used significantly in our products. We patented some of our technology.

Worldwide academic R&D of the Olive leaves extracts shows significant advantages for treating blood pressure, diabetes, viral and bacterial diseases, slowing down some kinds of cancer, osteoporosis, Liver protection, sugar balance, and fighting inflammation.

One of the reasons for this is it is loaded with strong antioxidants like Oleuropein which is present in the olive leaves ten times more than in the olive oil, serving as a free radical scavenger, assisting in preventing oxidation of the cholesterol and damaging cell DNA. 

New stunning findings from the olive orchards

As we are in the final R&D stages of a new and unique natural sunscreen line with first-time olive polyphenols in it, our researchers found a very interesting finding. The olive leaf is responding to higher sun temperatures by narrowing its size down!

We shared these findings with olive plants nurseries, agronomists, and academic researchers. All of us are overwhelmed by this finding.

We are now in a process of trying to locate academic work done in this regard.  Some think it might be due to higher stem growth energy arriving from the sun thus the need for photosynthesis is reducing I.E less CO2 is absorbed by the tree due to lower functional need. So, less CO2 will be stored by the tree through its root system under the ground and less oxygen will be made available to us. This is not good. 

We hope to be able to add info in this regard sometime in 2022.

In the near future, we will bring to you our internal hesitations and debates regarding our new sunscreen line still in the making. We think it will interest you as we will reveal some "too important to be ignored" info regarding the use of sun protection products.

Expect more scientific info in future newsletters

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