Harvest season

Harvest season

Now that it is October, harvest season is upon us. The beautiful olives of Israel are beginning to transform from a light green to a purple until they are finally black (meaning they’re ripe). Once around 75% of the olives are black, the harvesting begins. This season is one of our favorites because we are able to finally see the fruits of our labor, which will all be used to create the organic and sustainable skin care products of Olea Essence. One of the most essential ingredients from this season is the oil extracted from the olives. Alongside producing the extra virgin olive oil, we also collect suitable olive leaves and extract them for their essentials and use it for our cosmetics.

Our Different mixtures 

Tabha oil is created after pitting the olives. This is considered one of the highest quality and purest of oils, the only one suitable for the Jewish temple in Jerusalem and for the Menorah in Hanukkah. Harvesting olives before they ripen allows us to produce the Beit Saida oil. This is considered more aggressive in taste, with a twist of bitterness, the way some Israelis prefer. Lastly, the Kursi oil is made from ripe olives, this oil is popular worldwide among chefs. It has a presence, but it does not take over the food. Our olive oil and olive extracts are the basis of our skincare technology.

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