Art & Science

Art & Science

We have different skin types in our same self and different skin types between people.

The skin's "looks", its "touch" its internal natural humidity, its "internal communication system with the brain and the nerves", its "structure" is reflected in its "ability to protect the dermis and the epidermis and exchange ingredients and information with the whole under-skin environment", Is now defined at Olea Essence as the skin's "Terroir".

Making our skincare and wellness products is no longer just an art. It is now art&Science.  In Olea Essence we believe that there is direct communication between the skin and the brain. Applying cosmetics to the skin is creating different kinds of skin experiences which will be followed by brain response via nerves, enzymes, and more.

The science behind our research is focused on understanding these issues, studying them, and developing formulations. Our art is to make the product.

Why do we need to apply anything to the skin? To slow its aging signs, to keep it healthy and look healthy, less wrinkled, less cracked, healed from sun damage and environmental damages, and keep them moist controlled following the changes in our bodies mainly drying out along the years.

We protect in real daytime and heal at night.

All our creams are made of olive matter, olive oil or leaf extract, or olive extracted water or olive fruit, which will be absorbed within a few minutes thus allowing the skin to breathe at night, all night, or throughout the day. This is extremely important. This is anti-aging vs. aging.

Based on our research which considers analyzing a lot of user experience data and in accordance with our sustainable regenerative philosophy and way of life, in short, our "culture" with the utmost respect to 6000 years of traditional olive consumption practices and aggressive creative innovation approach, I.E innovation, innovation, innovation, we developed olive-based, fully natural skin creams which work beautifully according to many users. As we add Science to our art, we added special real silk to the formulation and found out that the silk&olive combination created a more efficient anti-wrinkle effect, reducing it, making it less visible.

Some of our users are crazy about our Olive&silk products, others, do not fancy the silk mainly due to fear of allergies.

The encouraging fact is that both love our anti-aging creams with or without the silk.  

So, we left the line with two-day moisturizing premium products, with and without silk, and two nourishing night creams with and without silk.

Every user develops an understanding of what fits their own skin best and goes for it. We usually experience happy and content users.

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