What is Regenerative Farming?

What is Regenerative Farming?

Olea Essence focuses on R&D and know-how involved in and around the olive anti-oxidants, in the olive oil and ten times more in the olive leaves followed by developing the practices of extracting and skin implementation of the olive’s anti-Oxidants.

We know its contribution to our well-being.

However, the road to high-quality olive-based products starts with the farming culture we adopted 25 years ago and developed since then.

We farm “regeneratively” more than 10,000 olive trees, in the basin of the Sea of Galilee. Our farm’s environment looks so beautiful lively and natural. The microbial life underground is safe with us. As it should be everywhere.

Upon harvest, we pick the olives and rush them to the press. We do not service other growers. We try to refrain from introducing to our machines pesticides widely used by other olive growers.

“Regenerative” farming is just popping up in the world. Ashton Kutcher is now building a regenerative farm in California. The word is spreading thus we see more newcomers to this farming culture.

So, what is it?

It is taking CO2 extremely seriously. CO2 is a major component in greenhouse gases and climate change.

Giving the plants CO2 and getting in return O2 which is oxygen Is called photosynthesis. The plant, any plant, sends the CO2 through its stem down to the roots and releases it to the micro-organisms dwelling attached to the roots. These microorganisms are our heroes. They take the CO2 and bury it for us.

Most farmers worldwide engage huge equipment and plow the soil in order to “aerate” it in preparation for seeding. With this, the buried CO2 is released into the atmosphere. Farmers spend hundreds of Billions of Dollars in herbicides, killing the weeds and with it the underground microbial environment. Thus, not only releasing CO2 into the atmosphere but also causing desertification of the soils.

“Regenerative” farming means no plowing, no herbicides, perma-farming, never pulling weeds but rather mowing them.

We at Olea Essence are practicing “regenerative” farming for 25 years.

We never knew that this is what we are doing. From the minute we, the Talmon family made the change in our lives, gave up the Tel Aviv city life and moved to the region of the Sea of Galilee, we fell captive to the DNA of the region. 6000 years of traditional olive growing, used medicinally by the local inhabitants, body and skin, made us decide to farm olives “regeneratively”.

We never spray, nothing. Neither herbicides nor pesticides nor fungicides. We encourage weeds growth. We perma-farm by seeding oat between the olive trees which serves as a source of nitrogen for the olives, we never fertilize chemically.

Then comes harvest, (right now) and we bring to our in-house press beautiful clean olives harvested efficiently, and transported fast, resulting in state-of-the-art raw and unfiltered olive oil, as it should be, and high-quality skin products based on that olive oil and its antioxidants.

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