Anti-Aging Night Routine for Dry Skin

Anti-Aging Night Routine for Dry Skin

Letting your skin breathe at all hours of the day is the most important part of an anti-aging routine. This includes nights when our bodies can recover from the stress of the day. For those of us with thirsty skin, you may need products that deliver deep hydration and soothing moisture and lock it in. To make the most out of those few hours of inactivity, here is our guide to a night routine for those of us with dry skin. 

Start with some Eye Cream With Silk Protein. This gentle formula refreshes, hydrates and moisturizes the fragile skin in the eye area Little taps around the eyes reduce puffiness and keep dark circles to form in the morning.  

Next, squeeze out a little Face Serum on your hand, and a little bit of Nourishing Night Cream for Dry Skin, blend those together and tap gently on your face and neck - this combination will give your skin a great boost of moisture. Because the olive antioxidants in these products are smaller than the pores in your skin, they're absorbed easily while still letting your skin breath overnight. As long as the skin can breathe, it can more easily recover while you sleep. The olive antioxidants and other natural ingredients can then easily reduce wrinkles and boost your skin's natural flexibility and glow. All-natural beauty will keep you beautiful in the morning!  

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