What you need to know about your dry skin

What you need to know about your dry skin

Your dry skin & what you need to know

About nourishing and maintaining your precious skin!

As opposed to oily skin – Dry skin suffers from a lack of the sebaceous production of sebum (i.e. facial oils), leaving the skin with less natural protection from the sun, the elements and aging. This is why you need to be very particular about the care of your dry skin.


Dry skin requires a gentler, more calming and nourishing routine to help replenish the oils in the skin and thereby ward off pre-mature aging.

What should I be aware of?

Here are some KEY things that you should know about your skin before choosing your daily facial routine.
  • Dry skin tends to be more sensitive and susceptible to irritation.
    1. Choose a gentle, calming facial wash that doesn’t dry out your skin further
    2. If your skin is extremely dry to begin with, replace your facial wash with a non-alcohol based toner to disinfect and calm your skin after a simple wash with water
  • Because there is a shortage of sebum – the protective wax-like substance that our bodies produce – your skin is more vulnerable to pre-mature aging from the sun and the elements.
    1. Choosing an appropriate lotion can be tough because most creams and lotions are water-based. Water is a great hydrator – if you drink it.
    2. As soon as you first spread a water-based cream on your skin, most of it will have evaporated!
  • Skin is more susceptible to breakage on contact because the shortage of sebum causes it to be less flexible.
    1. Again, a good cream that actually provides the protective layer of moisture that your skin needs is your savior as it can penetrate the skin and help regain some of its flexibility.

What can Olea Essence do for my skin?

In the majority of cosmetic products today, there is an abundant use of water and petro-chemicals, parabens, SLS, harsh preservatives and the like. The effect on Dry skin tends to be a negative one in which the skin becomes further irritated, inflamed and susceptible to premature aging. Our team in the Olea Essence lab knows very well the challenges of dry skin and the difficulties in finding the right product for your skin. Olea Essence is helping to change all of that because our products are:
  • FULLY natural
  • Based off of 100% Natural, Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 100% Natural Fragrances
  • Extremely gentle
  • Do not contain harsh ingredients
  • Preservative-free
  • Paraben-free
  • SLS-free
  • Emulsifying agents-free

What is the best for my skin?

Our recommendation for your daily facial regimen is to use..
  • Face Cleanser for Delicate Skin
    1. Gently cleanses, without drying-out your skin
  • Toner for Normal to Dry skin
    1. A non-alcohol astringent
    2. A calming disinfectant rich with anti-oxidants from olive water and our patent of olive leaf extract
  • An Olea Essence Anti-aging Moisturizer
    1. Our anti-aging creams have been formulated to imitate the secretion of natural oils in the skin; they absorb into the skin as if they are your own and help to regain that protective barrier needed to maintain youthful skin.
    2. Helps to slow down the development of pre-mature aging
    3. Causes skin to be smoother and more flexible to help prevent breakages in the skin
    4. Calming, refreshing and rejuvenating without any harmful toxins or excess water.

What Anti-aging Moisturizer is best for me?

Choose a moisturizer based on your skin type. ~ Whether it be normal to dry, dry or extremely dry, for Day or Night, we’ve got you covered.

The beauty is yours, nourish it!

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